Akwaaba Storytelling Agreement

At our Storytelling Group you can:

Tell stories in any way you like

  • In prose or pictures
  • Or diagrams or poems
  • Spoken or written down
  • In any language you want
  • Or not at all, if you’d rather listen than write or talk

Share whatever you want to share

  • Or keep things you’ve recorded to yourself if you’d prefer
  • Express yourself, speak your mind, and listen in turn, giving others the chance to express themselves too
  • Be sure that whatever’s said in the group stays in the group

Feel free to speak to Alice, Benjamin, Emma, Lisa or Luke privately if you have any questions, or any concerns

A few rules to make the sessions run smoothly:

  • We start at 2.30. You need to arrive by 3 if you want to join the session.
  • If you’re going to arrive later than 3, contact the Whatsapp group let us know.
  • The food and travel lists close at 3 unless you have told us you are coming late.
  • We ask new members to arrive by 2.30.
  • We have 10 lots of travel money per week and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • Children are not allowed in the storytelling sessions. If your child isn’t able to be with the Akwaaba childrens’ volunteers let us know and we’ll try to find someone to look after her or him
  • Turn your phone to silent; if you do need to answer a call please leave the room
  • It would be great if people volunteered to help serve food and tidy up at the end

If you’d like to get involved in planning and facilitating storytelling sessions, let us know. We’d love to hear your views on how the sessions could be run better

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