Session Activities

Akwaaba\'s team of welcome volunteers help make the space as warm, inclusive and inviting as possible. Over tea and coffee, they engage other members of the community in conversation, games and other activities. They get to know visitors in a supportive manner and ensure their time at Akwaaba is safe and enjoyable.

Volunteers run a range of activities to make our sessions more fun and to help people get to know each other. We try to have one arts and crafts activity every week, such as painting, sewing, quilting or book design. Our music group meets regularly and performs at community events. Recently we have been holding yoga workshops and boxercise sessions. If you would like us to run a new activity, or you have the skills to lead an activity yourself, please speak to one of our volunteers. You can use our laptops, scanner/printer and wifi in sessions. Our volunteer team can support you with tasks on the computer. Speak to them and they will be happy to help!

Akwaaba supports members to find out more information about their rights and to access the services they need, but may find difficult to access. We signpost and refer to appropriate services, and undertake some limited follow-up work to ensure that people are able to engage with the support they need, such as communicating with legal representatives, referrals to advice agencies and other support and activities to reduce isolation. We also sometimes host workshops on migrants’ rights and access to services like healthcare.