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Why are we asking for your support?

Akwaaba is a grassroots project run entirely by volunteers and funded entirely by cash, in-kind donations and smaller grants. Our running expenditure is generally low, thanks to food and other donations supplied by local businesses and members of the community. To enable people to attend Akwaaba, we are also reimbursing people on low income for their travel expenses. Alongside rent, this constitutes most of our expenditure items which are vital to continue offer.

We are continuing to seek sustainable sources of funding to ensure that Akwaaba has a secure future. All money raised will be reinvested directly in the running of the project.

Donate to Akwaaba Monthly

Support Akwaaba by making a monthly contribution to the costs of running our sessions.

£20 could allow one isolated visitor to travel to Akwaaba sessions for a month

£40 could cover the costs of 100 meals at Akwaaba

Make a one-off contribution to Akwaaba

You can also donate by bank transfer or by cheque. Contact us for details