Young People

We welcome children of all ages. Every Sunday from 2-6pm we provide fun activities while parents and carers take part in workshops and classes or just enjoy a few hours’ peace. We are a child-friendly space where kids play, learn and make friends.

Here is what some of our young members have written about Akwaaba:

Amirah, age 8

Akwaaba is a very fun place. You could bring your child they can meet new friends and play fun stuff like making slime, drama, basketball, football, baking, play outside and inside, colouring, card making, birthday parties, reading, loom bands, skipping and bike riding.

Sam, age 7

Akwaaba poem:
Akwaaba is a nice place. Here they give you free food. You will have good fun here children, we will not want to leave.
We all love Akwaaba spread the news to your friends and other people you know…you can go outside and sing the new Akwaaba song:
“We love Akwwaba nothing can split the friendship between us and Akwaaba. We are a team and we stick together”

Princess, age 6

Akwaaba is a fun place to enjoy yourself. Like colouring, baking and making. Maybe you will pass this place it’s called Princess May Primary School. If you come here you maybe will make new friends. Thank you.