A supportive space where Akwaaba members can meet in solidarity and friendship to explore their experiences through writing, and the sharing of stories—whether those are real or imagined; your own or those you have noticed around you. Each session is led by a practicing writer. We discuss short texts and poems and take part in quiet writing time, although if you prefer to just come and listen to the discussions, we’ll be happy to see you. No one is ever called on to speak, or to share writing, if they prefer not to. For those who are interested—we’re starting to embark on group projects, such as our performance at The Stoke Newington Literary Festival, and we are keen to find other ways to celebrate the group’s writing.

We welcome all adults, whether you enjoy writing, or have never really tried it before and are just curious. We’re also keen to hear from any practicing writers who want to come along and see what we do, or suggest ideas for future sessions. We'd love, at some point, to offer a writing group for children!